• Terms & Conditions •

1 • Subject

The present selling terms aim to define the contractual relationship between the corporation PRUNE SARL registered to the Compiègne Register of commerce and societies under the license number 478 246 952, the buyer and the applicable terms to any purchase via the LAVILLADECO e-store, http://www.lavilladeco.com/, anyway that the customer either be a professional or a simple consumer. The acquisition of a good or a service via the present website implies the full acceptation of the present terms by the customer.
PRUNE SARL reserves the right to change the selling terms at any moment. In this case the applicable terms are those in effect on the day of the customer’s order.

2 • Terminology

The services offered by http://www.lavilladeco.com/ on its website, the sale of products which will be nominated “products”, every people whom wish to profit of the products and who accepted the standard form contract as forecasted in the article 4 will be, afterward, nominated a “ customer” , every company which request http://www.lavilladeco.com/ to sell one of its product via the website will be nominated “supplier”, every order made by a customer, following the present condition will be nominated “the order”.

3 • Specificity Of Goods And Services Offered

The products and services offered are those published in the catalog on the website http://www.lavilladeco.com/. The descriptions of the products displayed by http://www.lavilladeco.com/ on its website are limited by the information given by the suppliers to PRUNE sarl. However, the information mentioned on any product-sheet are given indicatively and if any errors occur PRUNE sarl cannot be hold as responsible. The pictures are not contractual. PRUNE sarl will to the best to rectify as quickly as possible the mistakes or the omissions after being informed.

4 • Length Of Validity Of The Sales Offers

In case of an order with several products, which one or many needing a delivery deferment indicated on the product sheet, the total order will be shipped once all products will be ready.
In case of an order of unavailable product, the customer will be informed of this unavailability, as fast as possible, by phone or e-mail, of a partial delivery or an order annulation. A product substitution will be offered, mainly by phone; if the customer is not reachable an e-mail will be sent.
The customer will dispose of 48 worked hours (except weekends and holidays) to claim the annulation or the special shipping (partial delivery or with a substitution product) of his order by contacting our customer service at info@lavilladeco.com. After the 48 worked hours and if no claim has been made by the customer, the partial order will leave our warehouse. If the payment has already been made before the information of unavailability, a refund procedure begins: the customer will receive an e-mail about it. After this procedure the customer’s bank account will be credited within 14 days according to the current law.

5 • Products Prices

The “catalog” rubric of our website indicates the price, including taxes, without the shipping fees. The amount of the ATV and the shipping fees appears on screen at the end of the selection of the products by the customer.
The prices appearing in the catalog includes all the taxes, are in euros and reckon with the VAT rate on the order day; any rate change could be reverberated on the price of the products or services. PRUNE sarl reserves the right to modify its prices at any moment, however implying that the price showed on the catalog the day of the order is the only one applicable to the customer, under condition that the price would be serious.

6 • Order

The customers ensure that they have the full rights on the credit card and that the card gives access to enough money funds to cover all the costs engaged by the use of the products. Only the customers legally allowed subscribing contracts about goods and services displayed by the website can order on the website http://www.lavilladeco.com/.
By clicking on the “Finish my order” button while the order process, the customer declare to accept fully and wholehearted the totality of this Standard Form Contract. The data saved by http://www.lavilladeco.com/ constitute the proof of all transactions between http://www.lavilladeco.com/ and its customers. http://www.lavilladeco.com/ will confirm you systematically your order, then its expedition via e-mail.
The contractual information is presented in English and will need a confirmation resuming this contractual information at last at the moment of the delivery. The prices of our products are including all taxes and do not include the order processing and shipping fees. Prune sarl reserves the right to refuse any order from a customer with who litigation exists.

7 • Paying Terms And Conditions

The payment of the acquisitions is done by credit card. The credit cards accepted are: CB, Visa and MasterCard. The order will be effective after the secured bank centers gave their agreement; in case of payment refusal the order will be automatically cancelled.
Only the LCL bank possesses the confidential information (credit card number, expiration date) and cannot be accessed by a third-person.
According to the law of January the 6th 1978 protecting informatics and liberties, the customer have the right to access, modify and delete the totality of his (her) personal data, by writing and justifying his (her) identity to : PRUNE sarl -50 rue d’Aumale 60500 Chantilly France

8 • Delivery

The products will be shipped to the delivery address indicated by the customer during the ordering process, only in the geographical zone agreed. The contributions to the ordering process and to the shipping fees include all taxes. When shipping a complete order, http:// www.lavilladeco.com/ provide an original bill describing the shipping fees and the VAT.

http://www.lavilladeco.com ships the packages everywhere in metropolitan France and to all the countries of the European Union.
All risks are on the customer’s responsibility once the products left the Prune sarl warehouse.

The shipping time is stated for every product on the website. Except special mention, the products are shipped within 24 hours, when the order is made before 8AM.
The delivery time concur with the ordering process and the delivery, which are calculated depending on the date of reception of the order. The delivery time also depend on the destination of the order and does not include the holidays or the weekends. However in the case of a two weeks delay, the customer will have 60 days, starting on the expected day of delivery , to claim his denunciation right according to the law of January the 18th 1992. Once the denunciation right has been claimed, http://www.lavilladeco.com makes a refund within 14 worked days.
In case of partial delivery, this right only concerns the undelivered product’s balance.
Every delivery is considered done once the conveyer has presented the products to the customer, embodied by its control system. It is up to the recipient to check the product at the delivery and to make all claims or complaints which could be justified, or to refuse the package if it is susceptible to has been open or if it looks deteriorated. The said claims or complaints must be addressed to the conveyer by registered mail with a reception notice within three workable days following the delivery date, and a copy must be sent to Prune sarl.
In the case where the delivered products are not conform to the nature or the quantity specified on the delivery bill, the customer must under penalty of deprivation, send his complaint within the 8 days following the delivery.
In case of delay, broken or missing product, the customer can speak to our customer service via the “Contact us” section, on the website info@lavilladecocom or by phone +33 (3) 44 57 73 39.

9 • Customer Service/Service Department

•For any information, question or complaint, the customer can get in relation with the Customer Service from Monday to Tuesday 10AM-19PM
•Address: 50 rue d’Aumale-60500 Chantilly -France
•Phone: +33 (0)3 44 57 73 39

10 • Cancellation Rights

All the products are sold under the clause “satisfied or refunded “within 14 days after the delivery date according to the Consummation Code, article L 121-21.
To make the refund policy easier, every return must be authorized beforehand by http://www.lavilladeco.com/ with the attribution of a return number and a return note to put in the parcel with the returning products. You must inform LA VILLA DECO to the following address: info@lavilladeco.com or via the withdrawal form.

The returning address is the following, except explicit specification:
•50 rue d’Aumale
•60500 Chantilly FRANCE

The customer use his withdrawal right according to the L121-21 article of the Consummation Code, within 14 days after reception of the goods. This right is exercised by the return of products to http://www.lavilladeco.com/. The refund to the customer will be done by transfer within 14 days after reception of the goods by the website as a following to the use of the withdrawal right.
The withdrawal right can be used after the order and before the logistical process of the package. In this case the order is simply cancelled and we inform our bank.
No return for cash on delivery will be accepted for any reason.

This withdrawal right cannot be used if the delivered products have obviously been durably used.
The goods must imperatively be returned correctly packed , in their original packages , in a perfect selling state (un-damaged, un-broken, un-soiled by the customer) and with all its eventual accessories, instruction sheets and documentations, at the address specified above and with the original copy of the selling bill whose the customer must keep a copy.
The packages whose the expedients could not be identified (order number, e-mail address, name, address) will not be accepted.
In the case of a cumbersome parcel, the product must be packed in the same way than at the delivery (on a wooden pallet if it has been delivered that way).
The fees and risks relied to the product’s return are expedient responsibility.

11 • Legal Warranty On Hidden Construction Defects

All the goods provided by the seller are under the legal warranty intended by the 1641 (and following) articles of the Civil Code. In case of hidden construction defects on a sold product, it could be returned to the seller whom will take it back, change it or refund it. All complaints, change or refund claims must be done by postal way to the following address : PRUNE sarl
50 rue d’aumale 60500 Chantilly France

12 • Responsibilities

The seller, in the online sale process, has only the obligation to send the goods; his responsibility could not be engaged for a damage resulting from the use of the internet such as: data loss, intrusion, malware, service break or any independent problems.

13 • Intellectual Property

Every element on the LAVILLADECO website is and stays the exclusive intellectual property of PRUNE sarl. No one is authorized to reproduce, exploit, broadcast or use in any way, even partially, any element of the website, be it software, sound or picture. Any simple link or hyperlink is strictly forbidden without a written explicit agreement of PRUNE sarl.

14 • Personal Data

Information homed and processed as you browse the website http://www.lavilladeco.com/ are the objects of a informatics process used by PRUNE sarl, its subcontractors and partners, to optimize the services offered, process your requests, make your browsing and your registration easier and inform you about offers and updates from PRUNE sarl, except if you specified it .
The recipients of the data are PRUNE sarl, its subcontractors and partners.
According to the law of protection of informatics and liberties of January the 6th 1978, the customer can claim his right to access to the file, as his right to modify or suppress his personal data, by addressing his demand (by indicating his e-mail address, name, surname, postal address), via mail at : info@lavilladeco.com or by writing at LA VILLA DECO 50 rue d’Aumale 60500 Chantilly

15 • Responsibilities-Litigations-Applicable Law

The copies of pictures or texts illustrating the displayed products are not contractual. Accordingly, the responsibility of http://www.lavilladeco.com/ could not be engaged in case of mistake in one of these texts or pictures.
PRUNE sarl could not be held for liable damages of any nature, be it material, immaterial or physical, resulting from a malfunction or misuse of the sold products. The same applies in case of eventual modifications from the suppliers.
PRUNE sarl could not be held responsible toward a customer or a third person, for any indirect damages, any exploitation, and profit or turnover losses in any way, even if this damage, prejudice or loss was predictable by lavilladeco.com, or if its possibility was brought to our attention.
In case of litigation, the local court (in the Hauts-de-France ) is the only institution qualified, regardless of the geographical zone of delivery or the payment modality accepted.